Our design for Siprosa School Nairobi recognized for innovation by winning an Architizer Award.

We continue to enjoy working with the teams in Berkeley and Nairobi to pursue funding for building this amazing educational model in Kenya.



Sheetrock on the stairs, cabinets in the kitchen, tile in the bathroom, and steel railings installed on the deck . . . Move in can’t be too many months away.  


Great progress on our Potrero project.  The homeowners can’t wait to move in!



Massing model for a home among the redwoods on the Sonoma Coast.


Framing is proceeding well on our Residence in Piedmont.  The formerly dark and disconnected spaces are illuminated with light and linked by elegant forms.




UC Berkeley architecture students reimagine the El Cerrito of tomorrow during a yearlong course taught by Professor Margaret Crawford and Architect Rudabeh Pakravan. By listening to the city’s unique characteristics, sixteen students turn an ordinary suburban neighborhood into something new and creative. See article here.





19th Street Begins Construction! The project is a complete renovation of and addition to the top story of a multi-tenant building in Potrero Hill. A four sided, double-story volume is inserted into the top floor, creating a central living zone at the main level. The remaining extrusion at the roof level becomes a secondary living space. A smaller additional volume is inserted to create a vertical access between the two levels.



Rudabeh and Buena Vista Gardens are featured in Diablo Magazine’s April Issue of Low Fuss Gorgeous Gardens. Check out the full article here.




Kristen & Rudabeh met Busayo Durojaiye, an architect from Lagos, Nigeria.  Busayo was participating in TechWomen 2014, a cultural exchange that connects leaders in technology with their peers in the US.  Busayo, a partner in an exciting, emerging architecture practice in Lagos:  Podex http://www.podexassociates.com/ , had a fellowship at Autodesk while she was in the Bay Area.  The three architects discussed how technology – both emerging & well established – affects the design and construction industries in their architectural practices.  It was a great exchange.  Kristen & Rudabeh hope the next exchange brings them to Lagos!


ybca modules news
Sidell Pakravan & Creative Ecology collaborated on “Creative Determinants of Health Station”, an installation at Yerba Buena Centers for the Arts in San Francisco.  The installation was part of Open City/Art City Art and Ideas Festival hosted by the YBCA & Institute for the Future.  The health station explores the intersection of health and technology and is housed in the modules developed and built by Sidell Pakravan. These modules are part of two ongoing Sidell Pakravan investigations: 1. working to improve food justice and access through developing a new WIC store prototype and 2. studying modular systems that produce varying formal solutions.




 Wholesome WIC+ Community Building Blocks are in the phases of realization. We look forward to cooperating with Creative Development Partners, MLB Consulting, and Social Impact Ventures to help fabricate these modules.




Framing and foundation work are almost complete on this home in the Berkeley hills. Soon windows and railings will arrive, completing the enclosure on this home that hovers up in the hills. We look forward to enjoying the outstanding views from this amazing site