Sidell Pakravan is more than an architecture and design studio that makes compelling and beautiful architecture.

It goes beyond conceptual thinking, rigorous solving, and invention.

It is a way of seeing.



How we Work

Research, conceptual exploration and creative making, drive our collaboration process.

Vision and responsive design solutions are our product. All of these come into focus through the lens of each project and each client.

We are committed to learning the particulars of a project while cultivating a relationship with each client.

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What we do

We choose to work at many scales - from the master plan to the home to furniture - because it expands our vision and enriches your product.

From a store in Paris to homes in San Francisco, and offices in Silicon Valley, we have completed construction in a wide range of conditions.

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Who we are

Sidell Pakravan is a collection of thinkers , makers, and designers actively involved in the evolution of our built environment.

We are architects, designers, professors, activists, writers, sailors, artists, art historians, musicians.

We are gardeners, travelers, swimmers, and ceramicists.